The Mimio interactive touchscreens are an industry leading product that are the most sought for in terms of reliability and deliverability. They employ various strategies to tackle different needs in order to make everyone adjust with respect to their needs. They employ mainly two strategies when it comes to interactive touchscreens, which include MimioTeach Interactive Whiteboard and MimioProjector Interactive Projector. The MimioTeach Interactive Whiteboard works by putting technology on the whiteboard, not in the whiteboard. One doesn’t need to buy and set up complicated and expensive equipment. With a MimioTeach interactive system the user can, mount it to their whiteboard magnetically, so it's easy to move it to different classrooms or remove it for safekeeping. Concentrate on being a teacher, not a techie, tackling the wires and learning difficult softwares, we do all the hard work, for the user. Create engaging, student-centered, interactive lessons with the included MimioStudio software. Enjoy all the tools one needs to encourage active learning. Be certain that its rugged design will help it last through years of classroom use. Meet the requirements of the school budget, so it doesn’t raise any eyebrows at the accounts office! The second option employs MimioProjector Interactive Projector, which allows for Interactive teaching with the computers and whiteboards the user already has. The features include. Easy mounting, plug into a computer, and bring the lessons, graphics, and images to life on a conventional dry erase board. A full-featured solution that includes award-winning MimioStudio classroom software. Dual-pen operation, available for Windows 7 and above, lets two students simultaneously interact with the same projected image, enhancing collaborative learning. Ultra-short-throw design reduces shadows on the whiteboard. The Bulb can be replaced without dismounting the MimioProjector device. Up to 5.000 hours between bulb replacements. Can be ordered as a non-interactive conventional projector, and later updated to fully interactive status without dismounting tithe mimio interactive touchscreens provide a full-scale range of products that resolve everyone’s problems in an instant.