Mimio has been the favorite of consumers when it comes to functional collaborative communication products for users working in the educational industry. Having developed a deep understanding of people’s expectations and the learning needs of students, it incorporates the exact tools in its product as required.

Mimio’s Interactive Touchscreen Displays are designed specifically to be installed in classroom environments for students and teachers to interact on, and collectively being a part of an optimal learning process. The distinguishing factor in these products is their unique combination of interactive functionality and the integration of educational tools. Both these factors are discussed briefly here as an introduction to those educators that aim to complement their skills using the most innovative technologies of today.

What truly differentiates Mimio’s products from others is their software support. Mimio has designed a remarkable range of education software for its users. The very backbone of each of their interactive touchscreen display is MimioStudio. This amazing software is perhaps the most comprehensive tool consumers can get today. Apart from its automatic management functions like integrating different devices, it comes with a treasure of interactive tools. Teachers can prepare their lectures completely from scratch, use annotation of any kind, browse the internet, and share data with students to maximize their learning.

Moreover, Mimio also presents other solutions like MimioMobile that allows the touchscreen to be connected to individual cell phones for better reach and personalized learning, and assessment apps that enable instructors to test their students using the touchscreen display.

Coming towards to the technical side of Mimio Interactive Touchscreen Displays, there is practically no aspect that Mimio leaves unaddressed. The specifications offered are like none other and represent touchscreens of the top tiers of the markets.

All touchscreen panels are equipped with cutting edge touch sensing technologies and spectacular resolution. These are major factors in helping making its feel pleasurable and consequently, building up the interest of pupils and stimulating their minds. The best part is the multi-user ability Mimio products boast. Since the aim is to provide a platform where students can be as much a part of the learning process as the teacher is, multi-user ability is a must, and Mimio’s interactive touchscreens deliver perfectly in this regard. With their multi-touch, they offer teachers the opportunity to engage their students in lectures and making sure that concepts are delivered to them properly.

Mimio surely has established itself a well-deserved position in the industry with such quality touchscreen displays. Educational institutes that believe in the idea that collaboration is a necessity for education are highly encouraged to take benefit from Mimio’s extraordinary products.