Boxlight LD12-DEMO-BNDL Labdisc Cart with 4 Each Type Portable Stem Lab

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Labdisc Mobile Science Cart

  • Can store up to 8 tablets and 8 Labdisc units at the same time
  • The LD12-DEMO-BNDL is compatible with Android Intel® and iPad tablets
  • Doors can be locked to protect the tablets from getting misplaced
  • Built-in charger with a total power of 350W is provided
  • Overall weight is 27 kg without any tablets or Labdiscs
  • Efficiently fulfills CE and FCC standards
  • Covers all of the Labdisc portable STEM labs through the pneumatic arm
  • 4 heavy duty silicon wheels for smooth mobility
  • Overall dimensions are 691mm H x 526mm W x 526mm D
  • Constructed from stainless steel and plastic ABS for all doors
  • Comes with a 2 years warranty
  • Economically priced only for you

Labdisc with 4 Each Type Portable Stem Lab

  • Science parameter: General Science, Environment, Biology, Chemistry & Physics
  • Battery life is for more than 150 hours
  • Graphical LCD display of 64 x 128 pixels
  • For connection between the Labdisk and the computer, the Labdisc comes with a Bluetooth V2.0
  • Contains automatic sensor testing for outdoor and indoor science
  • The Labdisc BioChem is an all-in-one solution for lab experiments
  • This is a wireless technology that contains multi-disciplinary books for K-12
  • Supports modern platforms like the Standalone, PC, Mac, iPad, Android, Linux
  • GlobiWorld software is for elementary schools and GlobiLab software is for middle and high schools

Boxlight LD12-DEMO-BNDL bundle comes with a Labdisc mobile science cart and 4 each type of portable STEM lab that include 4 Physics, 4 Biology & Chemistry, 4 General Science and 4 Environment portable STEM lab units. It’s a complete package for those who want a cost effective yet such a solution that covers all the disciplines. Students can focus on their learning with this innovative tool that ensures easy and quick way of conducting experiments. The light weight and portable Labdisc bundle can be taken anywhere, imagine this tiny little portable device in the palm of hand completely eliminates the need of heavy and expensive lab items. Labdisc is the future of STEM education that will facilitate students and teachers with its revolutionary methods.

An entire lab equipment compact in a small portable device

The Labdisc portable STEM lab is an award winning device that brings an entire lab equipment into a small and portable form. K-12 students can use this revolutionary device for several fields such as General Science, Environment, Physics and Biology Chemistry. With at least four number of each discipline, the Labdisc portable STEM lab allows students to perform any experiment related to their respective field, making it convenient for the users to conduct experiments of their relevant field without any limitation. The Labdisc portable STEM lab comes with a battery life of up to 150 hours that provides maximum uptime. With Bluetooth v2.0, users can wirelessly share the data with other devices. Each Labdisc consists of up to 14 sensors that are capable of performing a variety of experiments in the respective discipline. The Labdisc portable STEM lab has taken the STEM education to the next level by eliminating the need of labs and external tools.

A complete lab on wheels with value added features

The Labdisc mobile charging cart is an innovative solution towards the device charging. It comes with separate compartments for different devices. With the capacity to charge up to 16 Labdisc portable STEM lab devices and 16 iPads/tablets, the Labdisc mobile charging cart delivers convenience with safety. All of the three compartments are lockable with heavy-duty doors that ensure peace of mind by eliminating any theft activity. Enjoy a carefree yet easy solution for charging with the all-new Labdisc mobile charging cart. For any kind of transportation, there are four silicon wheels placed at the bottom of the cart, these wheels allow smooth movement from one place to another. With sturdy brakes, users can make this mobile cart stand firm in a single place. Labdisc brings a seamless experience for the users to learn and work in a fun and safe way.

Basic Attributes
Product NameBoxlight LD12-DEMO-BNDL Labdisc Cart with 4 Each Type Portable Stem Lab
Dimensions (H”x W”x D”)691 mm (height), 526 mm (width), 526 mm (depth)
Capacity (Number of Devices)16
Compatible WithLabdisc portable STEM lab and iPad/tablets up to 10"
Body MaterialSteel
Electronic Power DistributionYes
Number of Shelves2
Charging Capacity16
Number of Shelves2
Device TypeTablets
CertificationCE and FCC
Security FeaturesLockable Doors
Cart TypeCharging Cart
CategoryTablet Charging Cart
Warranty2 years
Added FeaturesTop door for accessing the Labdisc units, two front doors for accessing the tablets, two back doors for accessing the Labdisc electrodes Built-in charger. Charging all tablets and all Labdisc units. Total power 350 W Separate carts carrying up to 8 10” iOS or 8 10”Android Intel® tablets
Country of OriginUnited States
Ship cost325
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Labdisc Cart with 4 Each Type Portable Stem Lab





Stainless steel construction and plastic ABS injections for all doors

(Without Marker Tray)


Top door for accessing the Labdisc units, two front doors for accessing the tablets, two back doors for accessing the Labdisc electrodes

Labdisc support*


Storing up to 16 Labdisc units

Tablet support


Separate carts carrying up to 8 10” iOS or 8 10”Android Intel ® tablets

Built-in Charger


Built-in charger. Charging all tablets and all Labdisc units. Total power 350 W



Heavy duty silicon wheels. All 4 wheels with brakes



691 mm (height), 526 mm (width), 526 mm (depth)



27 kg (with no Labdiscs or tablets)



110/220 V AC

Heat Dissipation


Fan ventilation



CE and FCC

Labdisc with every Parameter Specifications



Science parameter


General Science, Environment, Physics, Biology & Chemistry

Supported platforms


Standalone, PC, Mac, iPad, Android, Linux

Built-in sensors of BioChem


Air Pressure, Amb. Temperature, Barometric Pressure, Colorimeter, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen (electrode sold separately), GPS, Heart Rate, Light, pH, Relative Humidity, Thermocouple, Turbidity, Universal Input

Built-in sensors of Enviro


Ambient Temperature, Barometer, Colorimeter, Dissolved Oxygen, External Temperature, GPS, IR Temperature, pH, Relative Humidity, Sound Level, Turbidity, UV

Built-in sensors of Gensci


Air Pressure, Ambient Temperature, Current, Distance (Motion), External Temperature, GPS, Light, Microphone, pH, Relative Humidity, Sound, Universal Input, Voltage

Built-in sensors of Physio


Accelerometer, Air Pressure, Ambient Temperature, Current, Distance (Motion), External Temperature, Light, Microphone, Universal Input, Voltage

GPS data logging



Remote data logging



Max. sampling speed



Sampling resolution



Int. measurement storage
Light Source


128,000 samples

Int. rechargeable battery


LiPO 7.2 V

Battery life


> 150 hours



Graphical LCD 64 x 128 pixels




USB communication


USB 2.0

Wireless communication


Bluetooth V2.0

Automatic sensor testing



Auto sensor calibration



Size (round disc)


ø = 132 mm, H = 45 mm (ø = 5.2 in., H = 1.77 in.)



300 gr.

Temperature range


-10 to 50 °C (14 to 122°) F

Standard compliance



External power supply


100-240 V AC/12 V DC 1A






Table stand, lab stand adapter, carry bag (optional)

Boxlight LD12-DEMO-BNDL Labdisc Cart

  • Brochure
  • Boxlight LD12-DEMO-BNDL Portable STEM Lab

  • Brochure
    • Labdisc Mobile Science Cart
    • Labdisc data logger
    • Labdisc AC charger
    • USB cable
    • Air pressure tube
    • Temperature probe
    • Colorimeter 5 cuvettes set
    • pH electrode
    • Conductivity electrode
    • Dissolved oxygen electrode
    • Heart rate ear clip
    • Thermocouple
    • Plastic rod and screw
    • Banana cables
    • Colorimeter 5 cuvettes set
    • Software flyer
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Warranty page

    Q) How can I initiate the GPS on the Labdisk?

    A. When the Labdisk is used for the first time, the GPS is already in the cold start mode as a result it may take 20 to 30 minutes max. to sync. First the GPS needs to be synched with 3 or more than 3 satellites so you can achive accurate global positioning coordinates. Once you have synched there will be an antenna like icon ( ) shown on the display. Later even if you turn off the Labdisk, it will remember the sync data and in the future within a minute the GPS will be synched.


    Q) How can the memory be erased on the Labdisk from the Android App?

    A. Connect the Labdisk with the Globilab app on the tablet. In the top action bar there is an ‘options’ icon  then from the menu simply select the ‘clean Labdisk’ option.


    Q) How can the memory be erased on the Labdisk from the Android App?

    A. Connect the Labdisk with the Globilab app on the iPad. You will see an icon which looks like this , tap and hold the download icon. Once you have done this, the app will automatically open a dialogue box which lets you clean the memory.


    Q) Will it break if it falls 2-3 times?

    A. This product is made with high quality steel and is tested in labs in different ways. This testing has made sure that the product will definitely not break or wear off easily.


    Q) Who can use the Labdisk Units and Tablets?

    A. It can be efficiently used by students from K-12 grades.


    Q) How is the Labdisk unique?

    A. It is a complete lab in the palm of your hands. Students can now collect and analyze real-time data this portable STEM lab solution that makes learning interesting, engaging and fun rather than a burden.


    Q) What opportunities does Labdisk has for the future?

    A. Labdisk is the future of science. It opens gateways for so many new opportunities by making learning fast and easy. This interactive technology eliminates the need of individually going to the labs as it brings everything in one compact disk like tool. It lets students think creatively and makes them learn innovatively so they can become pro’s in the future by learning more and more every day.

    What’s more exciting about the Labdisk is that it not only caters the needs of students but also motivates teachers to teach in the through a pedagogical approach. It’s true that great things always happens for the life-long learners!


    Q) How many types of Labdisks are their i.e. in what subjects?

    A. Basically there are four different types of Labdisks that specialize in the following subjects:

    • Environment
    • General Science
    • Physics
    • Biology & Chemistry


    Q) The different subject Labdisks have the same sensors?

    A. No! All of them have different type of built-in sensors that are incorporated according to the subjects.