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  • Award winning mimio teaching solutions put the excitement of interactive learning in teachers' - and students' hands. Now, with mimio® Pad every student can create and collaborate with mimio® Interactive from anywhere in the classroom.
  • Control PowerPoint slides, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets
  • Browse educational websites on the Internet
  • Navigate interactive instructional CDs
  • Print class notes and distribute
  • Email class notes to absent students
  • Post files to a class website.
  • Stand-alone or Connected (USB) mode operation
  • Weighs less than 1 pound
  • 3 power options: battery, USB, or AC
  • Expandable through link modules
  • Contains a Kensington Security Slot for safety
  • Capture electronically records all of your handwritten notes and drawings.
  • Control computer applications directly from the whiteboard.
  • Export to HTML and post notes to websites.
  • Screen Size: 96 " diagonal, Dimensions: 18.1 "(L) x 2.8 "(W) x 1.1"(H)

he Mimio Interactive + Capture is a portable device that attaches to any whiteboard (up to 4'x'8 in size), connects to your computer and turns it into an interactive whiteboard. Together with a projector, teachers and students can use one of the stylus pens like a cordless mouse to control, mark up and save/print their desktop applications and documents directly from the whiteboard. When used without a projector, Mimio Interactive + Capture Capture electronically records all of your handwritten notes and drawings so that students can focus on the materials presented and participate in class discussions rather than just copy what was said or written. Once notes are recorded, they can be saved and shared. Unlike traditional interactive whiteboards, Mimio Xi is lightweight (1.0 lbs.), portable (9" folded) and affordable - making it the ideal solution for any classroom, lab or boardroom. With its built-in memory, up to 10 hours of class or lecture notes can be recorded even without a PC.

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