MimioCapture 3 Ink Recorder

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converts handwritten notes into computer generated texts, captures four dry erase ink colors, table-top recharging tray for charging of pens, supports popular file formats such as PDF, JPEG and HTML
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  • Capable of converting handwritten notes into computer generated texts
  • Easily captures four dry erase ink colors
  • Comes with a table-top recharging tray that allows easy charging of the pens
  • Allows two separate modes for teachers and students
  • Supports popular file formats such as PDF, JPEG and HTML
  • Comes compatible with MimioStudio™ Notebook and MimioStudio™ classroom software

The 1865194 MimioCapture provides a modern way of conducting a class that not only eliminates the hassle of making separate notes but also enhance the learning of students. It is very difficult yet time consuming for teachers to write on the boards and wait for each and every student to note it down. To eliminate the hassle and provide convenience to the teachers and students as well, the Mimio-Boxlight presents the 1865194 MimioCapture ink recorder that automatically records all the written notes on whiteboard to the PC. Now, students can easily focus on the lectures instead of focusing on taking notes. There is a separate mode for teachers and students that allows personalized tools for both.

Eliminating the need of an expensive projector, the 1865194 MimioCapture ink recorder smoothly switches between capture mode and interactive mode. Users can easily convert the hand-written notes into font-based texts with just a single click. Now, if you are on leave or missed the lecture for a day then there is no need to ask anyone to give you notes, get the computer generated notes right from the 1865194 MimioCapture ink recorder.

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Product NameMimioCapture 3 Ink Recorder
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Minimum Requirements MimioTeach interactive whiteboard or MimioBoard interactive whiteboard and MimioStudio classroom software
Whiteboard Active Area (per device) 1.2 m x 2.4 m (4 ft x 8 ft)—landscape orientation
Recharging Tray 254 mm D x 174.6 mm W x 34.9 mm H (10 in. D x 6.9 in. W x 1.4 in. H)
Magnetic Pen Holder 235 mm D x 95 mm W x 44 mm H (9.3 in. D x 3.8 in. W x 1.8 in. H)
Weight Tray: .45 kg (1 lb), Pen holder: .136 kg and Tray, 4 pens, eraser: .79 kg (1.75 lb)
Controls & Indicators MimioCapture recharging tray serves as a charging station for the batteries inside the pens and eraser
Marker Pens  MimioCapture pens use Expo-type dry erase markers, Pens: 171 mm L x 32.2 mm W x 32.2 mm H(6.7 in. L x 1.3 in. W x 1.3 in. H), Lithium-Ion battery recharges while pen is docked in the tray
Eraser 76.11 mm x 76.11 mm x 84.3 mm (3 in. L x 3 in. W x 3.3 in. H), .71 mm (2.8 in.) eraser surface, Lithium-Ion battery recharges while eraser is docked in the tray
Power Consumption 5V - 100mA DC via fixed USB cable
Certification & Compliance TOV, FCC, CE
Product Warranty Mimio hardware is warranted for 2 years from date of purchase, with an additional 3 years with product registration at mimio.com/warranty, for a total of 5 years
Other Available Accessories Replacement parts: kit for eraser felt pads, 4 colour pens and North American or International AC adapters
Automatic Mode Switching MimioCapture mode can be initiated from a MimioTeach interactive whiteboard or MimioBoard interactive whiteboard in Interactive mode by touching a marker pen to the board, or can be initiated via MimioStudio software

Q1) How will we know that the MimioCapture pen needs to be recharged?

A. If the pen is off then it simply means that it is not receiving any power but when you see a solid amber color light, then it means that the MimioCapture pen has low battery and it needs to be recharged. Place it in the charging tray and you will witness a solid green light which indicates that it is successfully charging now.


Q2) How can we insert the dry erase markers inside the MimioCapture pen?

A. Simply insert the dry erase markers directly into the MimioCapture pen from the side which shows the status light.


Q3) Are there any specific instruction to use the MimioCapture pen while writing?

A. No there are no boundaries, you can write and draw whatever you want to. As it lets you to be as creative as you can be.


Q4) Does MIMIOCAPTURE 3 have a warranty?

A. Yes the Mimio hardware comes with a 2 years warranty while 3 years warranty is given when the product is registered at mimio.com/warranty. Overall there is a 5 year warranty.