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  1. Interactive Whiteboards VS. Traditional Whiteboards. Which one is better?

    A teacher makes their students understand concepts using a smartboard

    A teacher delivers a visually strong lesson on an interactive whiteboard

    As technology extends its hands into every industry all over the world, it has surely changed the way educational institutions work. That being said, interactive whiteboards are slowly but surely replacing traditional whiteboards in schools all over the world; especially in countries that are advanced in their educational sector. But, many educators may argue: Which one is better, and how?

    Interactive Whiteboards and Traditional Whiteboards

    A traditional whiteboard has been an essential part of any classroom for a long time. Educators use this to give lessons to their students and sometimes, have them come up to collaborate on these

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  2. 5 Products That Help Boost Work Flow In An Office

    Employees collaborate using a glassboard

    Competitive businesses call for a heavily productive work environment to keep the workflow smooth. CBM has come up with a list of 5 essential workplace products to boost the productivity and creativity of your office.

    5 Products to help boost workflow in an office:

    1.     Smartboards & Copyboards

    Smartboard and copyboards are advanced pieces of technology proven to be essential in the modern-day office. Bot

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  3. How Smartboards Enhance The Learning Environment For Students

    As technology takes over the world and our daily habits change, with the smartphone being our constant partner as the days go by. The younger generation is much more advanced in this aspect of life. Their learning about smartphones and tablets start from a young age as mothers use these devices to distract their toddlers as they get a little time to themselves. As the toddlers’ toys and outdoor activities are replaced by technology, primary learning is also taking a shift towards technology. Institutions all over the world are equipping their classrooms with the most advanced technologies, particularly Smartboards, to enhance not only how the teachers deliver their lessons but how their students learn these lessons. In this article, you’ll find the ways in which Smartboards enhance the learning process

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  4. Major “DOs and DON’Ts” for Working From Home (WFH)

    We all know being in a global pandemic plunged us all into a new reality, especially in terms of working in an office. Even though it has been quite a while for us working from home, we still find ourselves struggling and waiting for all of it to be over so we can head back to the office. Well, until that time comes, we must make the best out of what we have right now.

    For that purpose exactly, we have come up with a comprehensive list of “DOs & DON’Ts” while working from home to help you boost your productivity!

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