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In the present era, the environment is extremely compromised due to harmful actions practiced by people all over the world. As the consequences of our actions come to the surface, people are becoming more and more cautious of their day-to-day practices, and so do consumers.

It is extremely important for businesses these days to be socially responsible, not only for the environment but to suffice in the competitive business environment. As consumers become more socially aware and opt for more eco-friendly products and services, businesses have to shape themselves accordingly.

Clary Business Machines has come up with a few key practices that businesses today can adapt to, keep on reading for various ways in which your business can be more socially responsible.

Ways to make your business environment friendly:

  • Make tree planting a yearly corporate activity

Surely the best way to reverse the damage caused by various sources of pollution is to detoxify the environment by planting trees.

Your organization can have a yearly or even half-yearly activity where all of your company staff goes out and plants trees on a designated day. This would not only be good for the environment but as this is an outdoor activity, it would have a positive impact on your employees’ physical and mental health.

  • Reduce waste

There are many ways organizations can control the amount of waste they produce if they want to. This is not only relevant for organizations that make products etc. but for organizations that don’t either. How you may ask? Well just having a small office can produce tons of waste. Remember those cabinets full of documents that are just waiting to be tossed out? These stacks of paper turn into waste that ends up in landfills, harming the environment in the long run.

What organizations can do is use Shredders to shred all their useless documents, and have them shipped to a third-party packaging company that could use these for repackaging purposes.

Check out this shredder that packs up all the shredded paper into blocks, ready to be shipped!

a seedling emerges from a pile of shredded paper

A seedling emerges from a pile of shredded paper.

  • Purchase energy-efficient electronics

Energy waste is one of the biggest environmental issues that exist today. There are many appliances and tools that are used daily in the office that may be left switched on for constant use, this results in energy waste.

Having electronics that have an eco-friendly mode or an automatic setting that puts them on standby is a great way to save energy.

Check out our list of some essential products that have a built-in eco-friendly operation feature: Air Purifier, Paper Shredder, Folder & Inserter, Laminator, Pressure Sealer


  • Make it a part of your business values

By being socially responsible, businesses enhance their positive brand recognition, increase their customer loyalty, and attract top-tier employees.

Having environmental friendliness be a part of your values would reflect positively on your consumers and any other stakeholders your business may have.

Your business can showcase this value by yearly activities that are devoted to the environment, as mentioned before, and by making it a part of your brand identity by spreading awareness about the cause through your marketing activities.

an image showcasin the impact of social responsibility

A drawing showcasing the impact of a business being socially responsible

All-in-all, being socially responsible and working towards the betterment of the environment makes the organization more attractive to consumers and is a step towards building a better world for the generations to come.