Mimio has made its name in the education market by providing learning solutions with the latest embedded technology to make classrooms fun-filled and convenient. Mimio introduced a new interactive virtual whiteboard technology, known as the MimioTeach interactive system. This system creates a virtual whiteboard environment in the classroom that can be easily hovered on any flat surface. The MimioTeach interactive system includes a MimioTeach Bar, a Stylus pen and the MimioHub USB dongle. The MimioTeach bar is a small portable device that can be magnetically mounted on a whiteboard to display a projected screen. MimioTeach allows easy connectivity to laptops and classroom computers and with an interactive stylus, the system can be virtually controlled. The MimioTeach interactive system projects 2.9m diagonal wide screen image with crystal clear imaging and great contrast. It can be easily calibrated and adjusted as required by the user. Furthermore, the interactive stylus is battery operated that retains a charge of up to 10 hours along with 2 function buttons to access the MimioStudio tools. The stylus is designed as to provide an ergonomic grip that fits comfortably in the hand and allows wireless operations to the system. MimioTeach interactive system further promotes wireless connectivity through the MimioHub that is connected to the PC. The MimioHub can be easily docked at the back of the MimioTeach bar for safe keeping. The collaborative learning of the system is further enhanced by the MimioStudio software that is installed on PC’s to aid better control and functionality. The software helps to create engaging content for the students as well as provide a user friendly interface to interact with. Keeping the school budgets in mind and deterring the need to buy a physical whiteboard system, Mimio has manufactured a state-of-the-art product that caters to all that. Portable, intuitive, budget-friendly, the MimioTeach interactive system has brought innovation in the classrooms by engaging students towards active learning.