Mimio Projectors

Mimio, having a good experience over the years with teaching equipment brings its latest range of projectors. The projectors range from short throw to ultra-short throw projectors, with the added functionality of interactive projectors as well. All of the projectors support HDMI and USB interfaces. The projectors feature high contrast and high resolution image producing tech ensuring the best quality image production. The projectors are designed to last a long time and consume the least amount of power saving big on the electricity bill.

Mimio Projectors enable teachers to create bulleted PowerPoint presentations or other highly organized notes for the class. With the use of projectors in the classroom, students can take better notes with the ability to discern what information the teacher displays are most useful to them. Mimio Projectors release teachers from being bound to chalk and dry-erase boards to present information to their students. With the use of projectors, teachers can now use films, slides, and images to teach students about a variety of subjects. The Interactive projectors allow students to participate in a more ‘hands-on’ lesson. They can interact with content in real-time to reach unparalleled levels of engagement. Students can get physical and move around digital resources on the screen, greatly increasing interactivity. The interactive projectors can be linked to an external computer to allow for direct streaming from the computer.

Also, the interactive projectors allow for real time editing capabilities for anyone interacting with the screen. The mimio projectors having a great range of available options allow for the user to choose freely what suits them best and then use the product effectively without any hindrance. The mimio projectors are a state of the art technology that have proven their place in the market and still improve on themselves with continuous updates that help the user in every way.