<p>Interactivity truly is the ingredient of success in the modern day world. We simply cannot live without our discussions, meetings and other collaborative efforts, since they are necessary for progress and smooth operations. The reason that our lives and society dynamics have been gradually reformed this way is the advanced communication methods the industry has brought us.</p>
<p>You can conveniently talk to anyone sitting in any corner of the world, provided you both have the required communication device and a stable connecting medium. These two preliminaries are not a problem anymore, since all of us have access to an internet connection and a working cell phone, laptop, tablet etc.</p>
<p>With these feats achieved, the latest wonders collaborative communication giants have been working on are products that are portable. We carry a variety of easily portable devices with us all day; the integration of interactive features in them is something that has opened up a new dimension of communication for professionals.</p>
<p>Markets have witnessed an increasing number of such portable interactive devices entering them and gaining success rapidly, for their benefits span every field of work we deem important. In this post we discuss some of the ways we use them for our gains and how they can further help us out in the future.</p>
<p><strong>Portability </strong></p>
<p>Imagine a busy CEO who has an important meeting scheduled with their executive body. But being a CEO, he has so many other things to do in the day and a long meeting isn&rsquo;t something he might always look forward to. A portable interactive device can be the thing for them in such a situation. They can quite simply hold a meeting from anywhere they want, using their tablet that acts as an interactive whiteboard and a video calling device simultaneously.</p>
<p>Similarly, portable interactive products can be phenomenal for travelling workers who can work while in a plane, from their hotel room, and even while on vacation.</p>
<p>Portable products have always been known for the user comfort they offer. With an interactivity-supporting laptop in your bag or a Smartphone in your pocket, you can stop worrying about your strenuous work routine, because these devices allow you to mould your routine to your comfort.</p>
<p>You can talk to clients from your home rather than your office, or guide your team while on the go. Not only have portable devices given people the luxury to work from places of their choice, but they have sped up everything significantly.</p>
<p>The future seems ever bright with the pace at which our progress is going. With our own skills augmented by interactive portable devices, and our weaknesses dampened by them, we can face the time to come with confidence and a positive mindset.</p>