The educational standards of the 21st century demands that its students be treated with the use of the latest the modern day technology has to offer. Mimio being an industry leader in teaching solutions brings its newest range of interactive whiteboard solutions whose benefits outweigh the conventional means of teaching.

Anything that can be done on a computer monitor, can be replicated on the interactive white board. A teacher can create engaging lessons that focus on one task such as a matching activity where students use either their fingers or a pen to match items. Other teachers have the ability to integrate multiple items into a lesson plan such as websites, photos, and music that students can interact with, respond to verbally or even write comments on the board itself. Image size and placement can change with a simple touch to the screen. While some students are auditory learners, absorbing information efficiently through the spoken word, others are visual learners. Interactive whiteboards give people the opportunity to absorb information in multiple formats. This helps increase retention and synthesis of information. Interactive whiteboard images can be saved and printed, so students do not have to take notes during the discussion. This allows them to participate in the learning or collaborative session at a more focused, engaged level.

By integrating an interactive whiteboard into the learning or office environment, the user can encourage participants to collaborate in a shared work area. This allows students to become part of the process, rather than simply recipients of prepared information.

The Mimio interactive whiteboard completely fulfills the demands of a modern day student, with its advanced features its sure to amaze the students and create an aura of collaborative learning in the class.