The collaborative communication industry comprises many firms, each bringing forth innovative products to consumers that raise market standards. Within this dynamic and competitive environment, one company stands as the lone provider of specialized products for use in the educational industry. Mimio has a well-known reputation as the prime developer of educational interactive communication products that are famous in the concerned communities.

Mimio was formed with the sole purpose of developing products of this specific category, and has definitely delivered. Through its extensive research into classroom dynamics, they have built themselves a comprehensive line of focused products that catering to a significant portion of the market.

Some of their ingenious products are discussed here.


MimioTeach is perhaps the most popular among all is products, owing to its functionality and ease of use. This communication solution works just like any other interactive whiteboard, but with no complex installations in the classroom. All it takes is the mounting of its portable panel and connecting it to a computer, and it is then ready to be used.

Suited to teachers in many ways, it is a favorite. Teachers can carry it around in any classroom, utilize all other Mimio support products, and deliver awesome interactive lectures to their students.


To go with the remarkable hardware solutions and interactive technologies, Mimio has developed the perfect software support that furthers its exclusiveness. MimioStudio features a rich collection of easy to use interactive tools like annotation features, handwriting recognition, and lecture preparation facilities. Moreover, it also helps teachers coordinate the different devices being used in an interactive classroom.

Classroom software

Mimio has taken special care in providing teachers with all the necessary collaboration tools. Apart from the generalized facilitations discussed above, it offers users a range of handy software that make teaching easy and fun.

MimioVote is an excellent assessment software that enables teachers to conduct test quizzes using handheld devices. The quiz may be communicated to the class via a whiteboard, and they can submit answers via their Smartphones or tablets. The teacher gets a compiled result once the quiz is over.

With all these products, Mimio certainly is the market leader in its specialized category. Educational institutes and teachers are encourage to make use of such technologies in their classrooms in order to build a more conducive, gainful learning environment.