The MimoDisplay 8410u interactive touchscreen display is a cutting edge piece of teaching equipment packed with features of a touch-driven interactive whiteboard with the simplicity and elegance of a state-of-the-art, ultra-high definition (4K) LCD display, specially designed to engage any audience in a healthy and joyful manner. The Huge size and LED backlighting makes the lessons more visually striking and memorable, even in large rooms/Halls everyone will be wowed by the vibrant MimoDisplay 8410u touch display at the front of the room. Since 8410u product was designed taking in mind the consideration for the ultimate interactive experience it allows up to ten single-point touch users or five dual-touch users to interact, that too in conjunction with gestures, users can work simultaneously with Touch 360° interactivity, driving collaborative learning. MimioDisplay 8410u touchscreen comes with an electronic pen named styli which allows for intricate control of movement on screen for editing, allowing for the Styli and fingers to be used in any combination, for quick and easy interactivity. The surface being made of low-glare and low-friction glass, makes this display easy to see and delivers a smooth touch experience. The Built-in stereo speakers eliminate the need for a separate audio system making it fully functional without any extra peripherals or special setup. The full-featured solution includes the MimoDisplay 8410u’s MimioStudio™ classroom software, to easily create and deliver engaging lessons which allow teachers to use built-in tools to easily navigate, store and edit on screen lectures without any hindrance. Complete integration with other MimioClassroom™ products, including the MimioMobile™ collaboration and assessment app provides multiplatform integration giving teachers the flexibility to work from their mobiles and other platforms of their choosing to work from and edit lectures before beginning a lecture. All in all, the MimioDisplay 8410u Interactive Touchscreen Display is one powerful presentation tool that enables anyone to access the full potential within themselves and wow any audience with all it has to offer.